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Mombasa by the 15th century the port was thriving trade routes to China, Persia, and India. Today the mombasa continues to be the largest port on the East African coast serving the countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and eastern Zaire, and of course, Kenya. The population is fast approaching 2 million with 70% of African descent and a small minority of Asians and Europeans.

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Mombasa town has struggled with numerous foreign invaders and hostility. The Portuguese, Zimba tribe and the Omanis have claimed to own Mombasa since 12th century. By the late 1800 it became the base of exploration for British expeditions to Kenya’s interior. In 1988, the Imperial British East Africa Company set up headquarters in Mombasa. British rule of Mombasa became official in 1895 when they leased a stretch of the coast including the port city from the Sultan of Zanzibar. Officially this coastal region belonged to Zanzibar until Kenya was given independent by British government in 1963.

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When British finished building a railway line from Mombasa to Uganda in 1901, they affirmed Mombasa as a vital port in East and central Africa.

Mombasa city today remains one of Africa’s major links to the rest of the world by sea and air. Mombasa is a 15 sq km island surrounded by a natural harbor. The mainland on the southern and northern side of the island along the beach, boast many resorts and beach hotels.  The travelers to the island have many opportunities to explore and discover this beauty and fascinating island.

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