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Kenya safari holidays

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Kenya and , "home" of the safari still holds the reputation as the ultimate Kenya safari destination , after all, this is where one of the great wonders of nature occurs, the Wildebeest Migration of the Masai Mara . Kenya is renowned for outstanding wildlife safari viewing, wide open plains, breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro followed by a relaxing stay on a palm fringed coast with soft white sandy shores.With excellent wildlife, great scenery, perfect weather, romantic islands and good quality luxury lodges, a vacation to Kenya whether it be on a Luxury or a romantic Honeymoon is sure to live up to its guests high expectations! .

masai mara safari Kenya


The Masai Mara is known around the world for the Great Wildebeest Migration ,Wildlife is found in the masai mara throughout the year making it an all year round holiday destination.
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An exclusive safari excursion over the masai mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli ,plains offering unparalleled panoramic views of the awe-inspiring africa landscape. This is a very popular safari excursion for those clients willing to spend that little bit extra and see the wildlife in a beautiful view. Mara balloon ride the best way to view wildlife.
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It's a rare occasion to sleep under the stars and really be outside, and that's partially because of the sounds and lights of our cities. Getting close to the great wildlife requires a step back in technology however, and a willingness to confront the wild! It's certainly not for everyone, but anyone can do it. camping budget safaris adventure.
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The world's most romantic hideaways are waiting in Africa - If you seek a secluded lovenest go to mombasa malindi, lamu or zanzibar beach holiday. Kenya is among the top 10 honeymoon destinations in the world. Combine the beach and safari adventure the African way.
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Taking your family on an africa safari vacation is a unique and unforgettable experience that brings families closer together and enables you to enjoy the unspoilt African bush with your loved ones. Our trips are designed with flexibility and activities to keep younger family members interested and happy.
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Africa is the festival continent. Throughout the whole continent, colourful and vibrant festivals range through musical, religous, cultural and harvest to name just a few. Visit masai mara and meet the masai worrior learned and still holds the pride of a traditional outfit.
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4x4 prado
The freedom to have your african adventure, unbelievably low vehicle numbers on the roads make Self Drive Safaris a great option for any qualified driver, you can leave your road-rage at home the wildlife has the right of way.
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Africa is a photographers heaven for desert, dune, wildlife, people & culture photography. Enjoy luxury facilities and the very best of photo safaris opportunities with your experienced guides.
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Feathertrail is now specializing in accessible africa travel for disabled or wheelchair users, creating independence, enriched standard of living and travel opportunities for physically challenged people travelling in wheelchair. We ensure plenty of rest stops along the way for stretching legs, taking photos and just enjoying the moment.
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Africa has a wide range of bird life, with many species exclusive to the continent. Come and witness the vast flocks of flamingoes in the famous Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya, explore jungles and forests or cruise the swamplands and deltas with experienced local birding guides.
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Experience the African bush on foot safe in the knowledge of your experienced guides. You can observe the wildlife at very close range undisturbed by vehicles and away from roads. The most natural way to go on safari travel.
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mt kenya
East Africa is home to three of the highest peaks in Africa. These three summits which are on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mount Ruwenzori in Uganda and Mount Kenya in the country that goes by a similar name, are all snow capped. These challenging climbs offer the mountain climber a veritable challenge and Feathertrail facilitates mountain climbing packages which includes guides, porters and cooks.
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Feathertrail provides hundreds of affordable volunteering work opportunities. We offer a vast range of volunteering projects that support environmental conservation and local community development in African region.

Nairobi National Park in Kenya
Nairobi is not a modern city separated from the great wilderness that surrounds it. Just on its doorstep the Nairobi National Park located less than six miles from the city centre is a visitor's haven.
Great migration & Lakes Kenya
Tours Kenya and Tanzania in 6 days
6 days Masai mara Kenya /serengeti/ngorongoro Tanzania safari from US$2100
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kenya Safaris holiday

Enjoy the best holiday , staying at some of the most famous game reserves, including Lake Nakuru, Samburu and the Masai Mara.

Tanzania safaris

Tanzania embodies the true essence of "wild Africa" with nearly a quarter of all Africa's wildlife found on Tanzania's vast open savannahs. With so many fascinating safari regions such as the Serengeti , Ngorongoro Crater.
What better way to end off your Tanzania Safari than with a week relaxing on the sandy white shores of the exotic spice island of Zanzibar.

Uganda holidays
Tracking mountain gorilla on foot through the equatorial forests of Uganda is one of the world's most thrilling wildlife experience.
masai mara safari The Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya is one of the best known and most popular reserves in the world. The Masai Mara has also been called the Kingdom of Lions as these powerful creatures dominate the grasslands. Africa animals lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, elephants Wildebeest migration kenyan safari east africa

amboseli safari
Amboseli national park in Kenya is renowned for its elephant populations and large herds, including some impressively tusked bulls are drawn to a series of large, lush swamplands. But the most impressive giant of all is Mt Kilimanjaro. Africa's largest mountain lies just over the border in Tanzania, but the most impressive views of its snow-capped peak are to be found in Amboseli. Amboseli Kenyan safari and masai mara africa holidays

lake nakuru safari The Lake Nakuru park in Kenya also contains the largest population of rhinos.The surface of the lake occupies about a third of the lake park. The lake supports a dense bloom of the blue-green Cyanophyte Spirulina platensis from which it derives its colour. It is a food source for flamingos. The lake nakuru is fringed by alkaline swamps with areas of sedge, cyprus laevigatus and typha marsh along the river inflows and springs. The surrounding areas support a dry transitional savanna with lake margin grasslands. Lake Nakuru kenyan safari masai mara east africa
samburu safari The Samburu reserve in Kenya is rich in wildlife with an abundance of rare northern specialist species such as the Grevy's zebra, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk and the beisa oryx (also referred to as Samburu Special Five). The reserve is also popular with a minimum of 900 elephants. Large predators such as the lion, leopard and cheetah are an important attraction (Kamunyak the miracle lioness that adopted the baby oryx is a resident in the reserve). samburu masai mara kenya tour
tsavo safari Tsavo National Park in Kenya is the largest park in Kenya and was established on 1st April, 1948. Tsavo National Park was split into East and West for administrative purposes. The two Parks are divided by Nairobi & Mombasa railway and road. Tsavo kenya tours masai mara
serengeti safari Serengeti is easily Tanzanias most famous national park, and also the largest, at 14,763 square kilometres of protected area that borders Masai Mara Game Park. The annual wildebeest migration through the Serengeti and the Masai Mara attract visitors from around the world, who flock to the open plains to witness the largest mass movement of land mammals on the planet. serengeti tanzania east africa
ngorongoro safari The Ngorongoro Crater is often called Africa Eden and the 8th Natural Wonder of the World, a visit to the crater is a main drawcard for tourists coming to Tanzania and a definite world-class attraction. Within the crater rim, large herds of zebra and wildebeest graze nearby while sleeping lions laze in the sun. At dawn, the endangered black rhino returns to the thick cover of the crater forests after grazing on dew-laden grass in the morning mist. Just outside the crater ridge, tall Masaai herd their cattle and goats over green pastures through the highland slopes, living alongside the wildlife as they have for centuries. ngorongoro tanzania east africa
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